Modern Arabian Oud Perfume

Oud is the Arabic word for the exquisite incense obtains from the wood of the Agar tree. The wood can be heated to smoldering and used to enhance the effects of peaceful meditation. It is also a superb and subtle base for some of the world’s finest perfumes and oils. Probably the most expensive, most spiritually fragrant wood in the world shares the secrets of its ethereal fragrance. For decades Sheikh Abdul-Aziz crafts sublime essential oils from Agar wood that he has passionately shows to the world. Finally, it is a dream in the West to own one of our perfume.

Oriental perfume

The company manages a chain of 620 stores all over the world selling 400 luxury and amazing fragrances. Furthermore, Arabian Oud employs 3,700 employees consulting customers in over 50 cities and 33 countries worldwide. From Dubai to Paris and all across the Middle East concentrating on quality and prestige in the art of perfumery.Moreover You can easily take the woody, yet sweet and aromatic, that will act as a balm to your spirit. Lifting you to the rapturous heights of the divine. The scents of nature are perfectly diffused into this ultimate resting place for the senses. Hence when you need peace, when you need the sublime, then you need Arabian Oud.

Arabian oud perfume market

Since arabian oud has over thirty years of experience, perfection and confidence as a result creating the finest unique Oriental fragrances. Most of our range got an award worldwide, against the most famous international companies in perfume industry. Our awards and recognition gives our brand in the Middle east perfume an honor to open the doors for our customers in arabic perfume smells.