About Us

Arabian oud perfume brand

The name Arabian Oud perfume comes from the wondrous incense that is derived from the world’s most expensive wood. The Agar tree, also known as Aloes wood in English of the unique fragrance of luxury. The wood is heated to smoldering to incite it to release its amazing essence. Agar wood is used for centuries to aid in achieving the much-desired zen-like state. During meditation as well as being used in other spiritual occasions.

The company which has taken Arabian oud perfume as its name has been using the scintillating scent of the Agar. As a result crafting the world’s most extraordinary fragrances with it as the base scent for the past several decades now.

The creator and founder

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Jasser, the creator of the exquisite oud-based fragrances and perfume oils provided by the company. He first formulates what would become his passion in 1982 when he opens the doors of his first perfumery store in the Alzal souk of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Through his expert talent at perfumery, Abdul-Aziz drew clientele from all across his country. But because of his dedication and devote connection to his clients, he has since expanded. His endeavors in order to be able to welcome an increased demand for his exquisite fragrances.

Since those early days, he has lovingly and enthusiastically shared his passion with the world, traveling its breadth so he could bring his clients the best in essential oils and essences of ambrosial flowers.

In the years following the opening of that first store, the Arabian Oud company has grown in esteem and gained in position in the world of perfumes. It has won 11 perfume Oscars for its incredible, aromatic oils and fragrances. And it has now begun to open the doors of many new shops in Western societies.

The mission of Abdul-Aziz’s company is to create fragrances and perfumes which are unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Through a process of exacting nature and dedication to the formulation of only the highest-quality products.

We at Arabian Oud take more than just the perfumes fragrances seriously.  We are also very committed to designing and producing distinctive and artful package. That justly represents the heavenly contents to be found within.

One could easily say that our ultimate goal is to share a bit of the style of exotic. Which can be found only in Middle Eastern culture and traditions with the rest of the world.